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Ken White Signs Prezi Vehicle Livery Section

Here at Ken White Signs we are currently working on a Menu style Prezi presentation. This is being developed to enable us to drill down in to all areas of our signage business. Within this presentation you will be able to see all of the areas of business, the material usage, design elements and after care. This automatically forms a Starters, Mains and Afters like a Menu. You can see here a glimpse in to the Vehicle Livery Sector. Within this we then look at the different levels of design and coverage available, videos of the print process and application itself.

Any of you that are familiar with Prezi will know how you can develop a professional presentation that moves around the screen. We are achieving that here for a signage presentation at Ken White Signs.

The Importance of High Street Signage and Branding

Brand Marketing WordsDue to these tough economic times, more and more high street stores and retail businesses are closing or struggling to turn profits. This is proving to be an up hill struggle for many retailers. The only way to promote your business effectively is to invest for the long term and develop marketing strategies that will generate customĀ  and drive traffic to your business. Whether this is to your website or through your shop doors.

In my opinion there are three MAJOR areas to lead a successful business:

1. The first step to a successful business is to produce or sell a product or service that is needed, desired and/or unique.

2. The second is to provide and offer that product or service in a unique way in order to stand out from the rest of the competition.

3. Finally the third is to promote and advertise your business and product in order to get potential customers to buy in to your product and service.

There are of course, many other smaller steps and areas within these three. But for the purpose of this post, I will concentrate on the third step.

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Digital Signs and Signage – The Switch Over

The world is currently in the middle of a digital evolution. The digital age since the mid 90s has progressed at a rate that most markets can only struggle to keep up with.

From the mobile phone, wireless payments, HD and 3D television to digital radio and ever advancing software development. The first electro-mechanical and electrical modern day computers, built in the 30s and 40s, weighed tonnes, cost millions of pounds (in todays money), filled whole rooms and were capable of only a few tasks. We now have smart phones that weigh 100 grams and have over a billion times the memory and power of these early antiques.

Consider how far we have come in half a century… now consider where we will be in another 50 years…

Technology is everywhere, accessible by almost everyone. So why has the signage market not kept up?

The only real advancements in the signage industry has been the progression of hand painting to cad cut vinyl to large format and full colour printing. Yes, you also have illumination, neons and lighting effects. You have large screens in the streets of Tokyo, New York and Las Vegas etc. And occasionally you see a digital screen in a fast food outlet or college cafeteria. But why not more? Continue reading