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Case Studies at Ken White Signs

We pride ourselves on providing a great service to our clients. Below you will see just some of our projects. Planned to the highest quality and produced to the same high standard, we work with our clients to meet their requirements.

Ampthill Town Centre

The Ampthill Town Council approached us back in 2017 regarding an interpretation project they were keen to push through, to enhance the visitor experience.

Ken White Signs provided a full signage scheme, including finger posts, map signs and cast bronze locational plaques. Finger posts were manufactured in aluminium, with the overall appearance traditional. Detail displayed in self-adhesive vinyl.

The map lecterns were again produced in aluminium, colour coded to match other furniture. This part of the project included the development of a bespoke detailed map, designed totally by the Ken White Signs team. The map panel needed to be both informative and on brand, with the process proving the biggest challenge of the whole project.

All key locations were identified with Cast Bronze plaques; wall mounted or recessed into the pavements. This project was designed, manufactured, and installed entirely by the Ken White Signs team.

Donkey Sanctuary

The Donkey Sanctuary was founded in 1969 by Elisabeth Svendsen, MBE. Since then, they have made a profound difference to the lives of donkeys and people all over the world.

Ken White Signs have been working closely with the Donkey Sanctuary for a few years now and are partners of choice. We have produced signage for all areas, inside and outside, examples of which you can see on this page.

Working mainly with Douglas Fir outdoors and Marine Ply indoors. We have worked closely with the design department at the Donkey Sanctuary to develop various concepts for around the complex in Devon. Whether it be at the entrance

Installation and maintenance are carried out by our own fitting team.

Gloucester Cathedral

Project Pilgrim shows Ken White Signs partnership with Imagemakers at its very best!

We worked diligently to meet the expectations of Imagemakers and the client team, coming up with a series of solutions that were of a quality which reflect the outstanding beauty of this magnificent building.

Of all the challenges, the least obvious was the profile templating for reproducing printed glass panels in the alcoves either side of the porch entrance. Each of the alcoves appear the same visually but they are so different when you are working to such tight tolerances. A manual process proved to be the only one accurate enough, we produced a drawn template which was scanned to create vector lines before dropping into our software for machine cutting. Five or six test fits were needed to ensure all was perfect for the customer.

A more obvious challenge was the bespoke finger post system, with the unique coil design proving a real “head-scratcher”. Manufactured totally in marine grade (316) stainless steel, the flat plate was force bent carefully around a solid cylinder and in turn welded to a collar which holds the finger on the pole, the fingers were then carefully sanded/grinded/blended to ensure no visible joint between the collar and the finger. Individual stainless steel text was then carefully bonded to both faces of each finger and the whole finger painted to corporate colour scheme.

Arguably the most eye catching of the solutions; stone cubes are prominently placed in front of the cathedral. Text and graphics are carefully cut from a rubber mask and in turn applied to the stones before sand blasting to create engraved feel. This work was all done on site using our mobile sand blast unit. Once sand blasted, all the detail was carefully filled with coloured resins.

Our ongoing working relationship with Imagemakers continues to provide a solid platform for reproducing creative sign solutions.

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