Totem Tee Signs

We have launched new Totem style Golf Tee signage products as part of our celebrations of our Golden 50th year within the signage business. We have developed a unique range of products like no other currently within the golf course signage marketplace. With two different styles of totem product available, you can choose between The Kensington Totem Tee sign and The Clarence Totem Tee sign.

The Kensington Totem Tee Sign will enhance the tee area of any golf course. This slick shaped style product enables it to fit smoothly in to any golf course skyline. With the ability to add your own personality to the product, we can adapt the size, the shape, the materials used or some of the finer detail to help guide you towards the signage style you require.

The Clarence Totem Tee Sign is a very stylish visible signage option, that we can adapt to suit your budget. Using our knowledge of an extensive range of materials available we can create a product that fits in with the style of your course. By changing the construction of this monolith style product, using different materials, adapting the size or the finished graphic displays and how they are created, we can work towards an end product where the skies are the limit.

Think ‘Blue Sky’, we can work with you to create a product that is not like any other.

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