Bespoke Signage Techniques

Ken White Signs boasts an unrivaled array of experience and product knowledge, enabling us to move boundaries and take your ideas to new levels. Working with timber, stainless steel, aluminium, stone, cast bronze, zinc, acrylic, vitreous enamel and more, we can provide sign solutions with a creative edge to meet any requirements. Consult with our creative department at a different level and inspire something extraordinary.

Trump International - 3D resin crest

Cast Metal Signage

Ken White Signs have been working with cast metal since the early 90s, coming through particularly strong within the golf market during the turn of the century.

The traditional aged appearance of the cast metal product will always remain a popular player in the sign market.

Our design team will work with you to create the look and feel. Once agreed, real sized templates are made using CNC equipment or zinc/magnesium etching processes. Our foundry then creates the finished plate using a traditional sand casting process.

The bronze alternative delivers a very traditional looking product which is also very durable. The plaque is left as natural as possible with only a polish to the detail and light colour treatment to the background. Maintenance will involve a regular polish if wanting to retain the appearance throughout its life. The surface will never breakdown, meaning bronze products can always be restored to their original status without too much fuss.

The alloy equivalent involves a paint finish which serves a different purpose. Text and graphics can be made more easily read. Maintenance is less in its early life, but 5/7 years down the line the plaque is likely to need re-touching and ultimately at some point, re-painting.

Foxton Locks - Cast Bronze Mounted on Wooden Single post
Engraved hardwood totem tee sign

Engraved Timber & Plastic Signs

Using state of the art computer driven CNC routing equipment, Ken White Signs will work with timbers and various styles of granite and marble-look resins to create some wonderful traditional looking sign products.

Our design team will work with you closely to control detail and look/feel. Once agreed the materials are then routed to any depth, to suit size of graphics. The engraved areas can be left natural (with timber), but are more popularly enamel paint filled.

The timber is then finished using top quality Osmo oils and coloured stains. The resins don’t need any treatment.

The timber product is very durable in all weather conditions and combined with a structured maintenance program will remain in pristine condition throughout its life.

The granite and marble-look resin panels don’t need any extra attention, they will remain in good condition for many years with very little maintenance.

Etched Metal Signs

Marine grade stainless steel, bronze and brass, shallow etched or engraved to create durable sign plaques.

The etching/engraving is not as deep as with the zinc etching process, the main benefits coming from maintenance-free longevity, due mainly to the background being left natural and therefore less likely to wear and scratch.

The marine grade stainless steel option is undoubtedly the most maintenance free alternative and is very popular in exposed and isolated locations.

Our design team will work with you to create the look and feel.

GKG - etched zinc tee plates

Gold Leaf Gilded Signs

First traces of the use of gold leaf in sculpture or painting, date back to Egypt at around 2,500 BC; gold was the colour of the gods and the pharaohs.

More than 4000 years later and Ken White Signs are being commissioned by Trump International to replicate this very same finish on their granite entrances at Turnberry International Golf Resort in Scotland. This crowned nearly five decades, offering traditional gilding services in both gold leaf and silver leaf, for private schools, churches, golf courses, public houses and many other places of interest throughout the UK.

Working with one of the most wonderful, natural decorative finishes mankind has ever developed, Ken White Signs will deliver excellence and exceed expectations every time.

Sandblasting Stone Signage

The material is sandblasted carefully by our production team, eating away at the exposed areas. Once the mask is removed, the edges of the text and graphics are crisp and defined.

Our design team will work with you to create the look and feel, once agreed, a specialist rubber mask is cut using our computer driven cutting equipment, which is in turn applied to the surface of the stone or cedar ready for sandblasting.

These areas of definition can be left alone to give a more natural appearance, more popularly though, they are enamel paint or oil filled by hand. Plaques can also be bonded to these areas if necessary, a technique often used for displaying more detailed logos and crests.

Working with sandstone, granite and marble, Ken White Signs can create the ultimate in maintenance free decorative signage, at an affordable cost.

The unique charismatic presence of a western red cedar sign brings an air of intrigue wherever it is seen. The finished product is very durable in all weather conditions and combined with a structured maintenance program will remain in pristine condition throughout its life.

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It is inarguable that for businesses to be successful they will need a strong product offering, supported by exceptional sales skills, customer service strategies and marketing. Bespoke signage, used to its full potential, is a powerful tool for drawing the gaze of potential new customers. In addition to traditional channels, signs are helpful for promoting your business and affirming your brand identity. Following months in lock down, the country is now returning to varying degrees of normal and, with this, comes increased footfall for many businesses. With this comes a golden opportunity to use signage to get a step ahead of the competition.

curved sign

What Is Considered Signage?

Contrary to popular assumption, when referring to ‘signage’ we are not only discussing billboards and name signs. Instead, signs can be found in the form of:

way finding sign

Benefits of Bespoke Signage

Signs come in all shapes and sizes, and can be made from a range of materials from timber and plastic, to metal, stone and even vinyl. Aside from looking clean, fresh and vibrant, there are many practical and business focused benefits to installing custom signs, both internally and externally:

Signage Is a Useful Method of Communication

From directing people to the restroom to ensuring they find the nearest emergency exit, signs can be a quick and effective means of communication. Not to mention, poorly executed signage can confuse visitors, and even reduce your productivity as you’re forced to resort to a more hands-on approach towards problem solving.

Signs Are Great For Marketing

Unsurprisingly, signs are great for marketing. Have you ever walked past signage proclaiming ‘Special Offer’, ‘Free’ or ‘Discount’ and not stopped to take a second glance? Didn’t think so! That is just one example of the marketing prowess signage can have. Whether you are encouraging visitors to donate to a worthy cause, buy your new product, or perhaps choose your hotel over the competition, bespoke signage can definitely help you do it!

golf course sign

Draw Attention Away from Competitors

Big, bold, beautiful signs, are eye-catching and enticing, and could be the deciding factor for prospective consumers over your competitors. Run down bar or hotel signs, for example, could suggest a lack of upkeep, steering customers to a pub elsewhere. Poor or neglect signage can have a detrimental impact on your performance. Ultimately, you could be giving the impression of poor value for money and a disregard for professional appearance; even if you know this is far from the truth! Investing in a new, bespoke design, can give you a competitive edge as well as benefiting your brands reputation.

Use Bespoke Signage to Boost Brand Awareness

Whether your brand is well established, or still in its infancy, sign work can be used to generate awareness and resonate with your clientele. Incorporate your company colours, logos, font styles, and other brand guidelines across all materials including, stationery, merchandise and, of course, signs.

It is likely to be beneficial to enlist an experienced sign maker to ensure that your bespoke signage is suited to your unique needs. Ken White Signs offer one of the largest range of signage services in the UK, so get in touch for a no-obligation discussion and free quotation on 01884 253 795.

golf course sign
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