Wall & Window Graphics

Whether you're looking to refresh an indoor space or add functionality to a workplace, our custom wall graphics and tailor-made window graphics offer versatile solutions. From eye-catching displays in offices and retail stores to privacy and safety considerations, our wall and window graphics are designed to enhance your environment. Explore our range for inspiration on transforming your space.

Window graphics

Custom Wall Graphics

Are you looking to brighten up and rejuvenate your indoor space? Or would you like to inject some colour and inspiration into your working area.

Our interior wall graphics are the ideal way to enhance the look of your space. Used in an extensive range of settings, from offices and retail stores, to educational settings and personal home space, wall graphics can be used to create eye-catching displays.

Available in a variety of finishes, including conformable vinyl suitable for a rougher surface, our wall graphics can also be used to breathe new life into areas such as stairways or communal areas.

Wall graphics
Window graphics

Tailor Made Window Graphics

Window graphics provide decoration, privacy, security and can also be an important health and safety consideration.

Large areas of glass often need to be marked to prevent accidental collision and, in the retail environment especially, present an ideal area for promotional window graphics.

By using our range of specialist window films, you can achieve all the benefits of tinted or reinforced glass at a fraction of the cost. Our solar control window films can reduce harmful UV rays as well as reduce fading of stock and furniture by up to 99%.

One Way Vision is most often used on vehicle windows but also available for building windows, one-way vision film is a perforated vinyl film which allows you to see out but restricts vision in.

Custom Built Screen Signs & Direct Printing​

These specialist print services are particularly useful when working with multiple sign orders. Ken White Signs can work with both of these processes if it helps keep a project within budget.

Screen printing has stood the test of time and is still very efficient for larger runs of the same design, particularly popular with estate agent boards. We are able to print on many different substrates, from plastics, dibond, painted metal, to clothes and merchandise.

Direct print is becoming ever more popular for small and medium print runs, direct to substrate. There are situations where cost savings can be made by cutting out the vinyl print/application process.

Construction site advertising hoarding boards

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