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Are your school signs looking tired and outdated? Ken White Signs are here to assist you. As a leading designer and supplier of high-quality educational signage, we can transform your school corridors and create a welcoming and inspirational environment, which in return promotes learning amongst pupils.

We recognise that there are many factors to consider when acquiring new school signage, which is why we provide a unique service in Tiverton & Devon . We can walk you through the process step by step, providing expert guidance and specific suggestions as well as assisting you in creating the ideal signage for your school.

Types of Educational Signage

Educational Signage typically falls into 4 main categories:

An Exterior Welcome Sign

This is an important school sign that must be done correctly. It’s the first thing your students, staff, and visitors see when they walk into the building, and it’s your chance to promote your brand and values and make the finest first impression possible.

Directional Signs

Signage that directs people in the right direction is also a good investment. External directional signs can be used to lead parents and students to drop-off zones and visitors to the main entrance. While inside directional signs can be utilised to improve navigation and identify key points throughout the school.

Health & Safety Notices

Clear health and safety signs are an absolute must in this day and age, when safeguarding is more crucial than ever. These are commonly seen in all parts of a school (classrooms, canteens, playgrounds, etc.) and can assist in directing staff and students to emergency exits and fire assembly locations.

Motivational Signs

School signage can also be used to motivate students and encourage good behaviour. This style of signage can be either creative or instructional, and here are a few of our favourites:

  • Inspirational messages on the wall graphics
  • Glass manifestations with artistic designs on the wall
  • Graphics with educational maps of the world
  • Large signs displaying the school’s core values
    wall decorations that praise accomplishment or encourage collaboration
  • Glass sculptures that encourage healthy eating

Why Educational Signage Is Vital

You don’t get a second chance to create a good first impression – a statement that applies not only to professionals, but also to schools, their pupils, and their employees. It doesn’t matter if it’s a primary school, a secondary school, a sixth-form college, or another type of educational institution. 

What does your school’s signage say about it when a prospective student comes to see it for the first time? Are you providing a welcoming environment for visitors, students, and employees? Is it easy to find your way to the reception area and different departments? Do tourists feel confident and at ease when trying to make their way around? Are you making the best first impression possible?

Your school’s identity and reputation are heavily influenced by how it is perceived. Just like you wouldn’t want your students to appear or act in ways that reflect poorly on your school – signage that appears worn or contains wrong information can harm the reputation you’ve worked so hard to build.

Educational Signage Experts

Whether it be a one-off sign purchase or a full considered signage scheme, we are perfectly placed to deliver the complete solution every time. Contact Ken White Signs for more information on how educational signage can transform your school, college or institution.


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