Custom Anti Vandalism Signs

Making something vandal proof and tamper resistant is not totally realistic in this day and age.

This doesn’t stop Ken White Signs doing everything possible to reduce the risk. The company has a healthy attitude towards this and enjoys the competition between sign and vandal, more often than not coming out on top. The most vulnerable areas are public places, parks, car parks, schools, colleges, cemeteries, and sports stadiums. Unfortunately though, it exists in all walks of life, so there aren’t many projects that escape the anti-vandalism spotlight.

When considering a sign solution for your organisation it is key that you focus as heavily on these qualities as the general appearance and durability of the product, before making any decision. There are a number of our sign services that offer strong resistance against tampering and de-facing, among the most popular are; vitreous and stove enamelling, GRP and sub-surface graphic application, sandblasting in stone, and casting in metal.

The mounting is equally important in the most vulnerable areas. For wall mounted signs it is worth considering blind fixings, which in turn can be resin fixed. If fixing through the face then use specialist tamper-proof screws and bolts. For free standing signs, it is again important to consider the most robust option suitable for your location, top of the list would be a real stone mount, closely followed by natural marine grade stainless steel, then painted steel and alloy. We need to consider post thicknesses for stability especially where signs are displayed at height.

Another key element is the installation, above ground might look great but if with a hefty push and shove the sign starts to tilt, then it is not suitable for that area. Our structural engineers ensure that posts are long enough to counteract this threat and that suitably substantial foundations are in place.

Anti Vandalism Signage

Anti Vandalism Signage with Ken White Signs. Contact our team today for all the information you need to start your next project.

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