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Custom Casting Metal Signage

Ken White Signs have been working with cast metal since the early 90’s, coming through particularly strong within the golf market during the turn of the century.

The traditional aged appearance of the cast metal product will always remain a popular player in the sign market.

Our design team will work with you to create the look and feel. Once agreed, real sized templates are made using CNC equipment or zinc/magnesium etching processes. Our foundry then creates the finished plate using a traditional sand casting process.


The bronze alternative delivers a very traditional looking product which is also very durable. The plaque is left as natural as possible with only a polish to the detail and light colour treatment to the background. Maintenance will involve a regular polish if wanting to retain the appearance throughout its life. The surface will never breakdown, meaning bronze products can always be restored to their original status without too much fuss.

The alloy equivalent involves a paint finish which serves a different purpose. Text and graphics can be made more easily read. Maintenance is less in its early life, but 5/7 years down the line the plaque is likely to need re-touching and ultimately at some point, re-painting.

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