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Eco Friendly Signage Solutions

Ken White Signs are committed to supporting the needs of the environment and are constantly making efforts to develop operations in order to support the wider issues.

Massive steps were made back in 2002, when we introduced a range of recycled plastic signs to our ever increasing range of golf course specific signage. Within this particular initiative we are trying to promote the use of recycled plastic as a replacement for timber. It has proved a slow starter, but is becoming ever more popular as the wider issues become more sensitive.

Whilst attempting to promote an intelligent and forward thinking message, we are realistic and it is obvious that the habits of the customer aren’t going to change overnight. With this is mind we have no option but to focus most of our eco attention on ways of making core services more environmentally friendly.

  • We always purchase our timber from renewable sources
  • We re-vamp old signage rather than renewing, where possible
  • We recycle all waste materials, where possible
  • We recycle our paper waste
  • We donate our waste vinyl to schools and colleges
  • We use environmentally friendly paints and solvents

What is Accoya?

We also offer the unique material Accoya. Accoya It is the truly sustainable choice that helps to make a difference to the challenges facing the world. From source to production and through to end of life, sustainability shines through. Accredited by the FSC® and Cradle to Cradle (C2C) overall Gold certified™, it is the only construction material in the world to achieve C2C Platinum certification™ for Material Health. With a low carbon footprint, using Accoya helps to combat carbon emissions for a healthier world. It is Non-toxic and with no risk of leaching synthetic compounds or chemicals means it is safe and healthy for people and pets as well as the planet.

Eco Friendly Solutions with Ken White

Eco Friendly Solutions with Ken White Signs. Our team are here to support and advise on the best to suit you. Call today for all the information you needs.

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