Tips For Designing Effective Vehicle Livery

Vehicle livery is a great way to advertise your business whilst travelling. Whether you’re a sole trader commuting between jobs or delivering goods, you can optimise customer interaction with attractive signage on the move.

We’ve put together this set of useful tips to help highlight how vehicle livery could assist your business in showcasing goods and services.

Bold & Simple Designs For Memorable Vehicle Livery

Bold, simplistic designs are the benchmark for effective vehicle livery. On average, a potential customer will have between 3-5 seconds to take in your advertisement and decide if it’s right for them. That’s why making sure you have an appealing colour scheme with easy-to-read contact and business information is paramount to an effective vehicle livery. If they can read it quickly and retain the right information, you could be opening up a whole new network of clients for your business.

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Highlight Your Brand With Effective Designs

Layout and design can directly impact the effectiveness of your vehicle livery. A great example of this is placement. Where you showcase information directly relates to how many customers you can attract. If you place the contact information in hard-to-read places such as below the line of sight or wrapped around two sides of the vehicle, it may be too difficult to remember.

Additionally, the size can have this effect too. If the font is too small or complex, clients may be put off by how difficult it is to read, and inevitably not follow up with the use of your services. We recommend you consider the placement of your logo, business name and contact information thoroughly before choosing a design. This way you can ensure potential clients have an easy time reading your advertisement and contacting you as a result.

Features To Avoid For High Impact Vehicle Livery

Another important aspect of a quality vehicle livery is what not to do. There’s plenty of information out there on design layouts and colour schemes, but there are certain practises to avoid in order to maintain an effective advertisement.


Unless the image directly relates to what you do or the goods/services you offer, it’s advised you don’t use any photographs for your livery. Often, it can create an overly complex and difficult-to-read design which can put potential customers off.

Wrap Around Text

Wrapping the information about your business around your vehicle may seem like a good idea, but it can often cut out functional parts, depending on the direction the viewer is approaching from.

Fluorescent Colours

Emergency services often use fluorescent colours, so it can be confusing if you utilise these for your own vehicle livery. Additionally, they often conflict with the text displayed and draw attention away from important information such as contact details and your business name.

Contact Ken White Signs For Professional Vehicle Livery

If you’re looking to wrap your vehicle in an attractive design that conveys your business and what it provides, then get in touch with the experts at Ken White Signs. We’ve been in business for over 50 years and can tailor unique designs to you and your company.


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