The Benefits Of Van Wraps

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Many small businesses are hesitant to spend money on new van wraps/signage or livery. Some people choose to drive a basic white van because they believe it keeps them hidden. This is great, but why not utilise your vehicle as a platform to promote your company and the fantastic services you provide? A vehicle wrap is a great method to get the word out about your company. Whether a full vehicle wrap or part coverage, consult our design team to achieve something individual. With over 40 years experience; Ken White Signs are well placed to support any project, large or small.

Well-designed van wraps can provide significant benefits to your company and is something that should be carefully considered. These advantages may include:

Wide Reaching Marketing

Consider how many people you pass on the road who stare at your van if you travel a lot. Consider the number of people who would stop to look at your car if it had a visually appealing graphic on the side. These figures show an untapped market to which you are not currently marketing, but could be. You’ll be putting your brand and business out there for all to see and notice if you invest in high-quality and well-designed wraps.

More Cost Effective

Wraps, as previously said, are far superior to static advertising such as billboards because they are not only more mobile, but also more cost effective in the long run. Van wraps of high quality will endure a long time, and you only pay for them as and when you need them changed. This is considerably superior to paying a monthly price for hired advertising space such as poster spaces and billboards.

vehicle livery

Protecting Your Van

Vinyl wrapping is exactly what it sounds like. It entails covering your van or car in a layer of material that works as a second skin for your vehicle. This can help to prevent scratches and marks from road debris and other things. Vinyl covers can also be removed without causing damage to the paint job, making them ideal for preserving your car in good shape if you ever choose to trade it in or sell it.

Friendly & Unintrusive

Going door to door or putting leaflets in local magazines aren’t necessarily the best marketing strategies. Many people find this to be quite intrusive, and they frequently do not pay attention to the information they are provided. However, by branding your vans, you are putting your business out there in a non-aggressive manner, allowing people to look and take note whenever they choose. Vehicle wraps are an excellent example of non-obtrusive advertising that will generate a positive response from potential buyers.

Van Wraps Devon

From a single vehicle to a full fleet, Ken White Signs can assist. We offer professionally applied graphics and van wraps, created with the most up-to-date full-color technology to meet your needs.


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