Looking After Vehicle Livery

Vehicle Livery Signage

Choosing a car wrap is a smart move for the business that wants to make a great first impression, and then create a lasting one. Properly installed, car graphics can last for at least 8 years, creating millions of impressions whether you’re on the move or parked up outside your business premises. However, you must keep in mind that once your wrap has been installed, you’ll need to carry out vehicle livery care.

Do you know how to care for your car wrap? If you don’t keep your vehicle livery clean and well maintained, you’ll quickly lose the cool aesthetic and promotional reach that you invested in, because no one will be able to define your message.

Keep Your Vehicle Livery Cared For

Most vinyl wraps will be able to stand up to an automated car wash, or even a pressure washer if handled correctly. However, the best way to care for your vinyl wrap is good old-fashioned hand washing. That way, you’ll control the detergent you use, which should be mild and free from abrasives. You can also control the water temperature and the pressure applied. Use a squeegee after the final rinse to remove excess water and dry with a microfibre cloth for the best vehicle livery care.

Deal With Difficult Contaminants

Bird droppings and bug splats can ruin the look of your car wrap and even obscure the message you’re trying to convey. Soften these stains with very hot soapy water or a proprietary cleaner. Leave to work for a few minutes and then gently rinse away. Never scrub roughly or use any abrasives that can scratch and tear the vinyl.

Keep Vinyl In Great Shape

Apart from regular cleaning, you need to keep up with vehicle livery care. Never use abrasive polishes or cutting compounds that can damage the vinyl. Don’t use polishes or waxes, as these will dull the finish of your car wrap. If there is any kind of wax residue on the surface of the wrap, remove it with a proprietary all-purpose cleaner. You can also use mineral spirits or household bleach and water, depending on the finish of your wrap to keep it looking its best.

Store Out of Direct Sunlight

Vinyl is vulnerable to sun damage. If your wrapped vehicle is a business van or car, leaving it parked in the sun occasionally might be unavoidable. In an ideal world, you would cover your wrapped vehicle so that it doesn’t have direct exposure to sunlight. The sun will heat up the vinyl which will cause it to become brittle. This can cause it to bubble and warp. 

To keep your vehicle livery cared for as best as possible, park in the shade whenever you can. 

Use The Best Materials & Choose Ken White Signs For Vehicle Livery Care

To keep your vehicle wrap looking its best, use the best materials for the job. If you want to create a long-lasting, premium quality wrap, our team can help. We’ll find the wrap that best fits your vehicle.

At Ken White Signs, we’ll be happy to advise you on the best materials for your car livery in Devon. We want you to maximise ROI and to help your car graphics generate impressions wherever you are. Contact us today by calling or emailing us.


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