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Eco-friendly Signage Solutions

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How Are We Eco-Friendly?

It’s important for us, as an organisation, to take responsibility when it comes to the environment. We do our bit to ensure that we are not unnecessarily contributing to environmental harm.

Our Signs

A wide variety of our signs are made from timber, which we always purchase from renewable sources. We also use environmentally-friendly paints and solvents for our signs and graphics.


Being environmentally conscious with regards to the removal of waste is also really important. We recycle a great deal of our waste materials including paper and cardboard. Since we work a lot with vinyl, there is always some that we don’t always use. In this case, we donate our waste vinyl to colleges, schools, and anyone else that requires it.

Old Signage

Rather than building a new sign when an older sign expires, we aim to refurbish the original sign. This reduces costs for the customer and reduces the amount that goes to waste.

Eco-friendly Signage

Here at Ken White Signs, we want to not only operate in eco-friendly ways, but also provide eco-friendly signage options for our customers. For customers that want to improve their environmental efforts as a business, we want to make sure we have a solution that can help achieve this goal. With plastic pollution becoming an increasingly prevalent topic in the news recently, we think it’s important that we use eco-friendly products, where possible.

Due to efforts introduced in 2002, our customers can now choose whether they use recycled plastic instead of timber, which has been particularly successful with our golf course signage projects.


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