Signage Inspiration: Ideas for the Summer

Sign Ideas

With Summer just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about ways to update our shopfronts, outdoor facilities and commercial grounds, to attract customers and get them more engaged with our brand. There are a wide range of ways to add sophisticated touches to mundane objects such as tee signs. We design a wide variety of different tee sign products to match your branding such as totem tee signs and mowover signs, which also contribute to the landscape. Additionally, individual lettering and window graphics can be used to make your shopfront stand out in the busy Summer months.

Totem Tee Signs

Totem tee signs are very popular options for creating a stylish sign that stands out and can be easily spotted from a distance, which is vital on large golf courses. If you’re giving your golf course a revamp before the Summer, it is important to think about how visible tee signs are, without jeopardising the beauty of the landscape.

Mowover Signs

Mowover tee signs are a practical solution for a tee sign as they can be… well… mowed over! They are a discreet option if you want to keep your landscape as natural and green as possible. Mowover signs are also built to withstand heavy duty wear and tear, being built from cast bronze, sandstone or granite and mounted onto a stone base. If you’re looking to update your tee signs, these are an excellent long-lasting option for your golf course.

Twin Posted Signs

Twin posted signs come in many different shapes and sizes. We can offer a bespoke solution for your business that is constructed from hardwood, softwood, alloy, and metal. We even offer the option to build a sign made from recycled plastic, which is becoming an increasingly popular option due to the need to be environmentally responsible. Smaller twin posted signs are particularly useful for giving directions on site for when your customers are going to be playing a spot of golf in the sun!

To talk to us about bespoke signage solutions, contact 01884 253795.

Entrance Signs

To capture the eyes of drivers-by and customers, your business’ entrance sign should be bold and unique! If your tourist attraction relies on seasonal customers, make sure you get a new sign built before the busy months come around! Entrance signs can be built from stainless steel, aluminium, timber, or stone. However we are advocates of thinking outside the box and getting creative, so we are happy to chat to you about design ideas and bespoke solutions in a free design consultation. Just contact us to find out more.

Individual Lettering

Individual lettering is an excellent way to give your shopfront a much-needed spruce up whether you’re opening a new restaurant or undergoing a re-brand before the busy holidays. Being incredibly versatile, individual lettering can be mounted onto a wide variety of surfaces such as brick, timber, or aluminium, for a unique sign that quite literally stands out.

LED-Illuminated Lettering

To make your sign stand out at night and during times of low visibility, we offer an LED solution for individual lettering. Even if your shop or restaurant isn’t open during the night, LED illumination is a great way to ensure customers see your business no matter the time of day, which is especially useful if you’re located near a busy road or on a high street.

Alternatively, we can use our LED technology to come up with a unique solution. Contact us for more information.

Window Graphics

Whether you want to create privacy for customers, tell customers about your products or add a sleek touch to your shopfront, window graphics are a cheaper alternative to tinted glass. Elsie May’s in Tiverton used this window graphics design to add privacy for tables located right next to the window. Window graphics are also an important health and safety consideration as large planes of glass should be marked to avoid accidental collision, especially glass doors. We’ve all walked into a glass door at least once in our lives because the door wasn’t marked!

During sunny weather, our solar control window films provide a filter against UV rays, which prevents stock and furniture from fading. This is an important aspect to consider during the Summer months if you have large windows with stock or furniture placed next to them.

If you’d like to find out more about how to catch your customers’ attention with signage, contact us at


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