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The Golf Club d’Hulencourt in Belgium approached us to support them with their latest signage and brand requirements early in 2020. Moving very swiftly on the eve of the UK Covid Lockdown, we visited the club to discuss their requirements in detail.

From day one it was obvious that there were a few interesting challenges in this heavily detailed project, all of which we met healthily together as a very positive relationship between ourselves and the customer developed. Here are just a few of the more interesting challenges

Harnessing the “view frame” detail, meant pushing our metal fabrication to the limits! To be visually correct the totems would be built to a depth of over 100mm and needed to be manufactured from something suitable to stand the test of time. We chose aluminium with a quality powder coated finish, but the engineering would need to be perfectly seamless. Building the totems took less than a day, making good around the “view frame” took twice that but was worth the patience. The powder coat process is not forgiving to blemishes and scratches but is the best finish for longevity. The finished product was superb!


All graphics had to be raised for quality reasons, but some of this detail was very fine so we had to choose the right medium to harness the full range of sizes. Laser cutting modified acrylic proved to be our best way forwards, bonding pre-coloured text carefully to the surface of the powder coating, like that of a badge on the rear of a high-quality car.

Another interesting challenge being the finger post product, retaining the same look and feel whilst also harnessing flexibility for the customer to be able to move, change and add fingers. All parts are again aluminium with a powder coated finish (same as totem), meaning attention to detail with all fabrication is imperative. The finger arms are fully adjustable and attach to a separate, fully adjustable pole which slides down into the main post, it appears as one but offers all the flexibility the customer required.

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